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Legal Issues and Family Interventions When Children Resist Contact with a Parent
Seminar Leaders: Michele Bissada, JD, Sherrol L. Cassedy, JD, MA, Hon. Marjorie A. Slabach (Ret), Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D

Course Description:
This 3-hour seminar will explore the legal and mental health issues and interventions where children are resisting contact with a parent, an increasingly common dynamic in high-conflict families. The interdisciplinary panel will also explore the characteristics of high-conflict families, essential skills for parents on both sides of this dynamic, and the spectrum of legal and mental health resources and interventions for these families.

Qualifies for 3 hours of MCLE credit
This video qualifies for 3 hours of Family Law Legal Specialization including 3 hours of Psychological and Counseling credit

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